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The World's Slowest Foot Chase

(R; Slice of Life) One crippled old man chases another, each screaming deadly threats like a Tourette syndrome procession. Just another day in Inman Square.


Dark Knight on a Dark Night 2013 See 3 eras of Barbara Gordon join forces in "Day of the Batgirl", my contribution for this year's Dark Knight on a Dark Night! Slightly influenced by the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode "Day of the Doctor".
Inky Stories at Agencyport: Opening Reception Over 30 pages of my comic book art are on display in Boston's vibrant and creative Fort Point Channel. Please join us for the opening reception on August 8th. The questionable art will be offset by great food, libations and company.
Blade Kills Twilight in Duo-Shade "Twilight's Last Gleaming" reformatted with Duo-Shade. If I've done my job well, some art historian decades from now will think it was published by Jim Warren!
Entire Stories Now Released at Once By popular demand! New stories will be posted in their entirety, abandoning the weekly release model. Updates will be less frequent and predictable, but hopefully more satisfying.

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