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Enter...General Zaq!

(PG; Superhero) Agent K tries to stop an army of alien killer robots from conquering Earth. Can our high-heeled heroine save the day with color dots and a good right cross? In the Silver Age Zone, anything's possible.


Silver Age Printing Technique: Getting It Right The color dots, limited pallet and absorbent newsprint paper are just as important to the audience experience as the artist's intent.
Project Page: Dot’s All Folks! Online development journal for "Dots All Folks!", my action-packed analysis of modern and classic American superhero comics. The page organization will probably get worse as the content grows, so check it out NOW before it gets unreadable!
Dark Knight on a Dark Night 2013 See 3 eras of Barbara Gordon join forces in "Day of the Batgirl", my contribution for this year's Dark Knight on a Dark Night! Slightly influenced by the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode "Day of the Doctor".
Inky Stories at Agencyport: Opening Reception Over 30 pages of my comic book art are on display in Boston's vibrant and creative Fort Point Channel. Please join us for the opening reception on August 8th. The questionable art will be offset by great food, libations and company.

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