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Enter...General Zaq!

(PG; Superhero) Agent K tries to stop an army of alien killer robots from conquering Earth. Can our high-heeled heroine save the day with color dots and a good right cross? In the Silver Age Zone, anything's possible.


Inky Stories Mini Comic #4 The fourth printed issue of Inky Stories is 28 pages, standard US comics size and full color. Premiers at this year's Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo!
Inky Stories Mini Comic #3 The third Inky Stories mini comic is out!. This issue has the complete stories "Null Device", your comments and advertising from local arts-related companies.
Silver Age Printing Technique: Getting It Right The color dots, limited pallet and absorbent newsprint paper are just as important to the audience experience as the artist's intent.
Project Page: Dot’s All Folks! Online development journal for "Dots All Folks!", my action-packed analysis of modern and classic American superhero comics. The page organization will probably get worse as the content grows, so check it out NOW before it gets unreadable!

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