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Cupid's Got a Death Ray!

(PG; Superhero) Agent K tries to relax after rebooting the universe and stopping a General Zaq attack. Why do these vacations never work out? Collaboration with special guest artist Line Olsson!

By David Marshall February 18th, 2014 Categories: |

(R; Slice of Life) One crippled old man chases another, each screaming deadly threats like a Tourette syndrome procession. Just another day in Inman Square.

This is a slice of life I saw in Inman Square a few years ago. Two old men really did scream threats at each other down Inman Square, probably from the drug rehabilitation center formerly known as YouVille. I couldn’t remember their actual threats, so had to use reference. “I’ll get out of jail before you get out the hospital” is on 1960s Redd Foxx record; most of the others are from Listal’s “100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time”.

I tried R-rated substitutes for the most vile threats, but that made the story flat and boring. There’s just something funny about their out of proportion anger in their otherwise wholesome setting.

The Walker Man is based on a random homeless dude I found on Google Image Search; The Cane Man based on Gil Scott-Heron. The walker, character body language, Inman Square streets and 1369 Coffee House were difficult. At this stage of my work, I’d rather sweat these details than getting superhero costumes right.

The A/B page layout is inspired by Jean Giraud’s work on Blueberry comics. This layout is flexible to print vertically (stacked) or horizontally (side-by-side).

Materials used for this story
12″ x 18″ live area on Strathmore 500 bristol paper
Blick Black Cat india ink
Short-handle round #2 sable brush
Ruling pen (borders)
Bow compass (large circles)
Circle templates and technical pens (small circles)
Speedball nib #512 (straight lines, details)
Speedball B6 and B5 (lettering)
Ames Lettering Guide (4.0 even-spaced calibration)
Adobe Photoshop (production)

That’s probably everthing you need to know about this three page story. Please enjoy The World’s Slowest Foot Chase.

— David Marshall

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