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Cupid's Got a Death Ray!

(PG; Superhero) Agent K tries to relax after rebooting the universe and stopping a General Zaq attack. Why do these vacations never work out? Collaboration with special guest artist Line Olsson!

By David Marshall November 20th, 2010 Categories: |

Inky Stories is a collection of my web comics, which are mostly short self-contained stories. Genres include satire, horror, romance, sci-fi and crime fiction. Updates every Thursday.

About David Marshall

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David Marshall was published by Fantagraphics Books, SpiderBaby Graphix and FantaCo Enterprises. Most recently published by the Boston Comics Roundtable and Riverbird Studios. He’s also a multiple participant in 24-Hour Comics Day, Arisia, Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo and Boston ComicCon. Art of the Comic Book is David’s college-level studio workshop for making comics with traditional ink-on-paper media.

About Me, David Marshall

photo of David Marshall

As a kid in Springfield Massachusetts, I collected and traded Marvel comics from the Silver Age. I got hooked by the powerful yet flawed heroes and dramatic situations. Eventually I followed certain creators. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were my first, then Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, John Buscema, Marie Severin, Joe Sinnott, Frank Giacoia and Artie Simek.

By high school, I was better at drawing and analyzing comic books than anything else. Studying comics history for my Senior Degree Project at Massachusetts College of Art exposed me to the work of George Herriman, Roy Crane, Alex Toth, Milton Caniff, Curt Swan and more! This foundation eventually led to my first published credits.

There’s more to my story, but I’d rather take Steve Ditko’s lead and let my comics do the talking. Thanks for sticking around this long; the best is yet to come.

— Dave M!, giving you all I’ve got.

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