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December 31st, 2014

Agent K Judo Trick The Strangler Comments about this page

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The Strangler

Agent K (“Enter…General Zaq!” and “The Null Device“) shares her knowledge of the gentle art in 1-page demonstrations…in 6-inch Betty Page boots. Practice with caution!

Based inking style on Alex Toth’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Drew with a pen, erased, then used big brush strokes. Judo technique researched/completely stolen from golden age comics feature “Black Cat Shows You How To Do Judo Tricks” by Lee Elias. Agent K’s boots are an accidental mashup of Irving Klaw fetish heels with modern knee-high leather boots.

Art Supplies

12″ x 18″ live area on Strathmore 500 bristol paper, Blick Black Cat india ink, Short-handle round #2 sable brush, Ruling pen (borders), Speedball nib #512 (outlines), Speedball B6 and B5 (lettering), Ames Lettering Guide (4.0 even-spaced), Adobe Photoshop (production, color).

Reference: Black Cat Shows You How To Do Judo Tricks

— Your Hero, Kung Fu fighting from the 1369 Coffee House.

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