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December 14th, 2016

Dark Knight on a Dark Night 2016 Comments about this page

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Batgirl and the Joker: Hours in Madness, Seconds till Death!

(G; Superhero) Two mortal enemies continue their battle for Gotham’s soul.

This faux cover is for Hub Comic’s annual exhibit Dark Knight on a Dark Night. The Batgirl is Yvonne Craig from the 1966 Batman television show. The female Joker is based on cosplayer Kseniya‘s 2014 photo set on Deviant Art.

It’s a mashup of genders and comic book companies. The scene is inspired by DC’s cover of Batman Family Giant #9 by Ernie Chan and Vince Colletta (1977). I based the design on Marvel’s cover shell, specifically Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #9 by Jim Steranko. The collage technique is based on Jack Kirby’s.

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