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December 21st, 2011

Here I Am Page 02 of 04 Comments about this page

Here I Am

(PG; Drama) Alone on an urban rooftop, our protagonist decides to end his life of fulfilling every else’s expectations. Read the story overview for more behind-the-scenes details.

Mimicking Ed Sorel’s inking style wasn’t enough. I had to merge it with my style of realism. Therefore, the cross hatching is designed to show layers of background building and hint and foreground details. The largest priorities on this page were scale and light. This made inking extremely time-consuming, but the end result was worth every second. Not having to write dialog was a plus.

I liked this page so much I used it in my professional illustration portfolio. The big money in Boston at the time was in ad agencies. They were constantly looking for storyboard artists to draw happy people with wonderful products. This page ain’t that, but does show off my superior drafting and media control. I thought ad agency art directors would be so impressed they’d ignore my inexperience with their needs.

Surprisingly to me, my portfolio got the exact opposite reaction. Agencies thought it was too “editorial” and not “product oriented”. In a city full of established professionals, no one trusted a young Op-Ed illustrator trying to be an ad man.

One art director’s reaction was even more brutal. He liked comics, and happily flipping through my tattered portfolio while chain smoking and saying “Good shit, good shit. How old are you, kid? Wow!”. His enthusiasm came to a complete halt when he got to this page. He stopped, never taking his eyes off my drawing of a rooftop suicide and said “Dave, don’t show this. I think of doing this every day.”

Wow. Who says art can’t move people anymore?

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