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November 1st, 2011

Lucky Seven: The Dee Brown Incident Page 01 of 06 Comments about this page

Lucky Seven: The Dee Brown Incident

(PG; Boston History/Drama) In 1990 a black resident and Celtics rookie got detained by police who concluded without much evidence that he had robbed a nearby bank. Read the story overview for more behind-the-scenes details.

The editor wanted to contrast the best day of Dee Brown‘s young career with the events of this story. The first panel is the 1990 NBA Draft, broadcast live in Boston by SportsChannel. It takes place in J. J. Foley’s, my favorite downtown bar at the time. They remodeled in the mid-90s, so the old-school feel is based on a lot of blurry memories. In the lower-left is a drawing of myself and my girlfriend as we looked in the Summer of 1990. I had a design agency job in the neighborhood and might have actually been there on NBA draft night, actively not caring about sports. The biggest compliment I ever got about this panel was from friends who instantly recognized Foley’s.

The Wellesley Hills panels were drawn from exterior reference photos I took when drawing the story. I’d’ve preferred reference from the actual era, but those were impossible to get. The buildings are accurate, but the sidewalk bricks could be wrong for all I know. One thing I did get wrong was the U. S. Postal Service logo. The one I drew wouldn’t exist for another year or two. Thanks to Jesse Farrell for pointing this out after I turned in my pages.

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