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October 3rd, 2012

The Null Device Page 13 of 26 Comments about this page

The Null Device

(PG; SciFi/Action/Dreamscape) A lone agent must transmit data into enemy territory, fight an army, rescue a damsel in distress and save the world. Published in Outbound, a science fiction anthology by the Boston Comics Roundtable. Read the story overview for more behind-the-scenes details.

Both states of the panel one kitchen are based on my old Inman Square apartment.

The ray gun in panel two is important in future pages. I’m no Jack Kirby or Wally Wood at creating new science fiction gadgets, so had to research. The results from old toys and television shows didn’t seem right. Luckily I stumbled on Greg Broadmore’s Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory of steampunk props. The online catalog has high resolution photos of their various gadgets. The ray gun used here is the “FMOM Industries Wave Disrupter Gun“. This stroke of good luck gave me more time to tirelessly research the bondage scene.

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