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March 21st, 2012

The Return Page 02 of 02 Comments about this page


The Return

(R; Action/Social Satire) Estranged siblings reunite as adults. Their conflict is resolved with a telephone, but not the way you’d hope for. Read the story overview for behind-the-scenes details.

After pumping up the color of page one’s fight scene, toning them down here was a slow exercise of frustration, discipline and self-control. This edition sports a new TV screen/NYNEX module, complete with vector logos and fonts. Some feel pretty strongly against mixing fonts and hand-lettering. I think it’s okay here, since it’s only limited to expressing the ad’s corporate “voice”. Even if it doesn’t “work”, I’ve also got the most stubborn, selfish reason for keeping it anyway: not wanting to waste the hours of research and development it took to build it. Hopefully you dig it as much as I do!

“Try doing this with your goddamn iPhone” was written by Mark LaHoud, who ran the 1369 Coffee House when I had my Inky Stories Exhibit there. He now runs his own cofee house called Java Madness. If you’re ever in the Stone Cove Marina of Wakefield Rhode Island, be sure to thank the old man in person.

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