A-Runnin’ From A Gunnin’

(R; Scifi/Action) A petty thief is hunted by his former Mafia employers, wealthy ex-girlfriends and various law enforcement agencies.

Story Notes

Bernardo Sanchez Bach is inspired by The Fugitive, the classic television series about a drifter who gets nervous when someone in a suit gets nosey. I wrote and drew this for Mindgame Gallery, a science fiction anthology in 1990. I didn't have a pure science fiction story, so set one of my crime strories in a "technology of tomorrow today" universe (flying cars, mobile technology, Metropolis-scale city). Even better cyberpunk examples include Howard Chaykin's American Flagg! and Blade Runner.

The hitmen are based on Charlie and Lee of the 1964 film The Killers (remake of the 1946 Burt Lancaster film, both added a lot of Hollywood fluff to Ernest Hemingway's short story).

The storytelling still holds up, but the art is hampered with sloppy drafting and indecisive inking. I tried merging the "morse code" look Barry Smith used on "Red Nails" with the "quick-motion thin line/thick brush" technique favored by Frank Miller (by way of Carmine Infantino and Hugo Pratt).

I didn't learn proper lettering technique in 1990, so butchered my own work with markers. The orginals have aged so horribly, it was better to reletter the whole damn story with a font! Even then, my new word balloons are modeled after Artie Simek's.

David Marshall, retro posting from Meltdown House, 02139

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