Batgirl in “Training Day”

(PG; Superhero) Training with the Dark Knight himself, Batgirl learns how to escape traps.

Story Notes

"Dark Knight on a Dark Night" is Hub Comics' annual exhibition of Somerville/Cambridge artists expressing their unique take on Batman's 70-year history. Past and present participants include Brad De Rocher, Erica Henderson, Len White and Ming Doyle. My contribution is based on the 1960s Batman television show

Modern fans think the 1960s Batman television show was too silly, but in real time it accurately reflected the comics. The show is a unique hybrid of G-rated plots and Austin Powers sexuality. Producers worried about the network censors while cramming everyone in super-tight tights. Batman and Robin were played by Adam West and Burt Ward. Puberty redirected my attention from the plots to Yvonne Craig's Batgirl. She must've been poured into those purple tights. Predating Adam Warren's Empowered by at least 30 years, Batgirl was always getting kidnapped, knocked out, tied up and rescued. Her positive outlook was unaffected by repeated failure.

Dave M!

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