Day of the Batgirl

(G; Superhero) Three eras of Barbara Gordon join forces through time and space, thwarting Shame and Calamity Jan.

Story Notes

My contribution Dark Knight on a Dark Night 2013 is influenced by the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode "Day of the Doctor" where 3 eras of the same character combine forces. My Batgirls are Yvonne Craig (from '60s television show Batman), Dina Meyer (from the '90s show Birds of Prey) and the current New 52 version. Added "Bad Wolf" to hammer the "Day of the Doctor" theme home.

Decided to make it look like a New 52 cover. Visual research included the New 52 Batgirl (horrible costume I will never draw again) and Dina Meyers as Barbara Gordon/Oracle in the 1990s television show Birds of Prey.

The design is rendered in Adobe Illustrator, based on current DC Comics covers. I traced the logo from a high resolution scan. Printed at 10x15 inches as a guide to start pencilling. I managed perspective and scale with tracing paper and colored markers. It's easier for me to work out the drafting battles this way. Used a lightbox to trace the marker battles on Strathmore 500 bristol paper, resulting in a clean page.

Dave M!

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