Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

(G; Satire of Doctor Who) The Rebel Time Lord don't play that.

Story Notes

A lot of bloggers liked this moment of "Into the Dalek". Who Say described Clara's slapping the Doctor "put this new, colder Doctor in his place". Tech Times said it "Bravo for smacking some sense back into the Doctor right when he needed it." The AV Club said "literally slaps sense into the Doctor".

I completely disagree. There was nothing in the Doctor's behavior to suggest he enjoyed being right more than he wanted to live. Clara's actions makes her the worst possible companion to have in a crisis. Because the script was written Steven Moffat (with Phil Ford), her actions implausibly work. This is a lame attempt to make an underwritten female character "strong" by making her mean. Throughout Season 8, their relationship seems more like an Eric Stanton fantasy fantasy.

My Doctor's reaction is closer to the "rebel Time Lord" they talked about in the Doctor Who World Tour.

Longtime fans will spot my influences. "Clara Oswald never existed" came from the Season 8 finale "Death in Heaven". During the world tour, Peter Capaldi described his portrayal as a "rebel Time Lord". "That's the kind of Time Lord I am" is from David Tennant's first episode "The Christmas Invasion".

Inked with the pen first, brush second technique perfected by Alex Toth, Steve Ditko and Joe Maneely. Gray tones applied with an Duo-Shade emulation technique, in an attempt to make this look like a Warren publication.

Dave M!, making a right with two wrongs.

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