Go Snow

(G; Fiction) A young snowflake tells the story of his first blizzard.

Story Notes

This was orignally created as a content-free demonstration tool for my Art of the Comic Book class. The tools were (1) using a compass to draw ink circles, (2) 1-point perspective and (3) Ames Lettering Guide lines.

Like "Lucky Seven", this story is rendered with traditional media tools.

This is the first time I based a story on a visual design. Working around the inked circles, the layout is based on George Herriman's Krazy Kat. I knew I wanted some type of white "framing" element, eventually choosing snow (over clouds, paper or dandruff). At this point, it could've been an Ezra Jack Keats-inspired "Snowy Day". Telling the story from the snowflake's point of view was more intriguing.

The "Sam" in question is my then 8-year-old son. His dialog came from his love of snow and making adults miserable. He and his best friend Henry invented a weather machine. Since no adult was allowed to see this mythical gadget, I chose to make it look like an iPad.

To this day, I have no idea what "salted" means.

Dave M!, frozen toes and all

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