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(G; Fiction) Children based on classic science fiction film heroes try stopping an equally famous monster from trashing the city.

Story Notes

This was orignally created as a content-free demonstration tool for my Art of the Comic Book class. The tools were (1) using a compass to draw ink circles, (2) 1-point perspective and (3) Ames Lettering Guide lines. To make this demo residue into a story, I had to form the content around the form.

Working around the inked circles, the visual design is based on a Windsor McCay Little Nemo in Slumberland page. The story was then developed around the circle caption. The monster is Fin Fang Foom from Marvel's pre-superhero science fiction comics. Nemo is based on my son and the Buster Crabbe era Flash Gordon. The other kid's modeled after Spock from the 2009 Star Trek film.

Like "Lucky Seven", this story is rendered with traditional media tools.

With no aging newsprint behind it, first draft colors looked too bright on screen. The popular move is to use a high-resolution scan of brown/sepia aged paper in the background. Not wanting this to look significantly older than it is, I hunted the Internet and eventually found a suitable newsprint texture.

Dave M!

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