(PG; Memoir) An abstract mess of autobiographical details, media obsessions, comics history references and far too much deliberation. Probably my most coherent 24-hour comic book.

Story Notes

"Reach" was my first 24-hour comic, produced from my home in July of 2004. 24-Hour Comics Day is an international annual challenge to produce a 24-page comic (normally a month's amount of work) in 24 consecutive hours. Learn more about details and history, or how to participate.

In order to pursue this crazy mission, my wife and 3-year-old had to pretend I wasn't home. I hoped this would somehow make producing my finished art faster and more efficient. (We're still waiting for that to happen.) I spent too much time trying to make this look like my finished art. My primitive digital comics technique didn't speed things up either. At the end, I produced 12 pages in 24 hours. By rule, this is a "noble failure".

The story is an abstract mess. I tried combining autobiographical details, media obsessions and comic book references. The scene in Spider-Man #33, where Peter Parker's trapped by that impossibly huge, Steve Ditko gizmo was a very strong influence.

The art was done with all digital tools, no easy feat in 2004. My customized home-spun all-digital technique for making comics would be laughable by today's standards.

Dave M!, bleary-eyed and ready to ... zzzzzzz....

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