Robots of Blood!

(G; Action Drama) Mecañica risks everything to protect her unearthly village from what looks like an alien invasion.

Story Notes

This is a two-page installment of a longer story I haven't written yet. It came about as a training exercise for teaching Art of the Comic Book. Characters, plot and setting came from developing "El Rey Day (Part One)."

Mecañica is about 36 here. I wrote her as an opposite of Agent K, who's obsessed about conflict, technology, glamor, and moving on to the next big adventure. Mecañica is older, brown, and emotionally invested in her community. She's an "everything is a remix" expression of real life community activists, Mexican folklore and organized crime, The Spirit by Will Eisner, and wrestler-turned-folk heroine Rena Titañon from the original Mechan-X run by Jaime Hernandez by Jaime Hernandez. Her physical appearance is based on Katy Jurado (who I fell in love with in High Noon) and Chelo Alonso.

David Marshall, TAGLINE

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