Doctor Who: End of the Doctor

When a self-pitying Doctor thinks she's ready for the next one to take over, the TARDIS dumps her in an Ogron war zone. Maybe next time she'll put on a blues record and have some wine.

Story Notes

First of three connected Doctor Who starring Helen Helen Mirren as The Doctor, who at some point lost her right arm just above the elbow. Her prosthetic is loaded with Time Lord tech that used to be in the sonic screwdriver. It's based on the BeBionic hand and DynamicArm myoelectric elbow by Ottobock.

In this story she meets Astrid Ferrier five years before the events of Enemy of the World.

The main font is Marian Churchland, trying to match the style of Judge Dredd letterer Tom Frame. Dialog sze is 8.5 points/8 points leading, at least a point or two over Marvel/DC standards. Numbers came from sizing a Dredd page to the US classic standard of 9 inches tall.

Numbering the pages in reverse order comes from TV Action + Countdown, a 1970s British comic book series which used the technique as a "countdown" storytelling effect.

Dave M!

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