inky Stories is my collection of web comics of mostly short, self-contained stories. Genres include satire, horror, romance, sci-fi, and crime fiction.

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Doctor Who: End of the Doctor

(G; British Sci-fi) When a self-pitying Doctor thinks she's ready for the next one to take over, the TARDIS dumps her in an Ogron war zone.

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  • Commissions Are Open!

    My schedule currently allows me to make custom, comic book-related art for you. Sensibly priced by size, deadline...

  • thematic image of my Ask Kodiak commission work

    Commission for Ask Kodiak

    Art, design, and concepts for an insurance industry marketing campaign for Ask Kodiak, a commercial insurance search engine founded by Michael Albert and Allan Egbert in 2015.

  • thematic image of my hatred for Wordpress

    Static Inky Website

    Wordpress always bothered me. Since launching in 2011, managing the Wordpress file system, themes, plugins, and MySQL database seemed like an increasingly overblown solution to host comics. My being particular about markup and styles only added more complexity. I built a static HTML site as a local guide, pasting HTML content into Wordpress fields. This occasionally caused conflicts with various extensions and updates. Wordpress also generated too much spam comments and emails.

  • example of my Silver Age comic book art emulation

    Silver Age Printing Technique

    Without the dots, ink gain and absorbent newsprint, the colors are louder than intended. This was discovered during the economic and technological shift of the 1980s, when publishers actually printed 64 colors on nicer paper. That's when the industry went with full digital color, effectively ending the four color process era of comics.

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