Commission for Ask Kodiak

Art, design, and concepts for an insurance industry marketing campaign for Ask Kodiak, a commercial insurance search engine founded by Michael Albert and Allan Egbert in 2015.

White paper art of the Kodiak and Max Traffic fighting SEO villain the Obscuritor

The concept is insurance brokers teaming up with Ask Kodiak against technological obstacles. The characters are The Kodiak (hero representing my client), the broker's hero, and their common foe. Each campaign has a comic book cover for fictional series Insurtech Heroes, character model sheets, and white paper illustrations. Visual inspiration includes 1970s team-up comics like Brave and the Bold, Marvel Two-in-One, and The Champions.

There isn't a 22-page monthly book, but the narrative and character dynamics of comic book art apply. The unique challenge is building consensus from marketing, brand, legal, and product development departments. It's way more crowded than traditional comics publishing, but the people who care most about the project are enthusiastic and involved. That's a terrific thing before final art is done.

— Dave "The Alex Toth of Insurance Comics" Marshall